Web Analytic and information system

Enterprises today need insight into processes and results that will drive the right decisions to deliver sustainable business performance. Business leaders, who master the process to capture, store and translate enterprise wide data into actionable business insights, will continue to outperform competition. World Class Work Force Analytics and Information Management services help customers accelerate enterprise wide performance through smart, agile and integrated analytical solutions and frameworks. By bringing together the combined expertise of Analytics, Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Information Management, we help customers derive valuable insights, make informed decisions and drive revenues by harnessing and leveraging enterprise information. We have expertise in all Adobe Analytics suites including Adhoc Analysis and Test n Target. Our team is well versed in tools like Agile, Google Analytics, Comscore and Foresee.

Web Services

A Web service is a method of communication between two electronic devices over a network Web service” as “a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network. It has an interface described in a machine-process able format known by the acronym WSDL. Other systems interact with the Web service in a manner prescribed by its description using SOAP messages, typically conveyed using HTTP with an XML serialization in conjunction with other Web-related standards. World Class Work Force offers the web service solutions to the clients through its Expertise Consultants to meet the Client Requirements.

Application Integration

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) refers to many different types and levels of software, e.g., software that provides a specific functionality or a tool used to generate code. COTS may be one of the most diversely defined terms in current software development. The use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products as elements of larger systems is becoming increasingly commonplace, due to shrinking budgets, accelerating rates of COTS enhancement, and expanding system requirements, according to the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). The growing trend toward systems configured of individual components has taken the original concept of reuse into a completely different arena. It has also presented many challenges to software developers attempting to enter this new arena. The integration step varies from project to project, depending on which and how many COTS products are being used. World Class Work force meets the Client Demands and Requirements by offering the following architectural solutions:

  • Compatibility
  • Confugration
  • Integration
  • Quality Assurance

    Evolve a comprehensive testing strategy with innovative solutions, approach and commercial models to drive a total quality assurance. To guarantee the effectiveness and thoroughness of the testing, Our Quality Assurance Engineers Team uses the most up-to-date technologies. Some of the techniques we use to assure the systems Total Quality include:

    • Black-Box (Functional testing)
    • White-Box Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Confugration-Testing
    • Stress Testing
    • Security Testing